“Your continued support for the pastors in East Angola has brought a sense of connection and a bond of love between brothers and sisters in the Mountain Sky Conference and the people of Angola. The pastors in Angola are in turn demonstrating love and hope to their congregations, in spite of all their difficulties, because of your support.” - Angola Missionary Ken Koome


The Mountain Sky Conference is committed to continuing support for 66 pastors in the East Angola Conference of The United Methodist Church at $50 a month. The legacy Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain conferences have had a connection with the Angola Conference since 2003. Remember, for the majority of pastors this $50 is their only salary. Click here to watch a short video about the Angola Pastors Support project.

You can give through your church using Advance # 3021453 (Supplement Salary for Pastors in East Angola) on the memo line, or give online by going to and click the give now button.

Click here to learn more about our partnership with the East Angola pastors.

The pastors in East Angola are doing essential ministry and continue to bring hope and healing to the people in their villages and towns. Rev. Andre Cassule, who visited our area in 2016, continues to teach at the seminary at Quessua Methodist Mission and is the pastor of Luz do Mundo United Methodist Church. He encourages the people of his church to improve their farming skills and introduces crops with higher nutritional value. Through sacrifice and hard work, they have built a new church.

Education is vital. Pastors help teach and seek ways to bring schools and opportunities to the people in their villages. Some pastors are involved in Imagine No Malaria.

Gloria Edwards, a member of Bozeman UMC who visited pastors and churches in Angola a year ago, shares a story from her visit to Luxilo de Baixo Cima-Calandula UMC. “We visited on a Sunday, but they didn’t know we were coming. It was one of the poorest villages we’d been to. They insisted on feeding us – greens, peanuts and fungi. Soon Rev. Quipaca appeared with a live chicken, which he insisted we take with us, because had they known we were coming they would have cooked a chicken for us. They were willing to share what they had with us, when they had so little. Are we willing to share with them?”

Your support of pastors is needed.

Thank you from the Angola Advocacy Team:

Sally McConnell, Mark Calhoun, Nancy Flint, Jeremy Scott, John Daniels, Karen McRae, Ethan Daniels, Gloria Edwards, Joanna Griffin

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